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I'm a Junior in College majoring in Animation. I'm open for any requests you guys want me to commission.


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I would greatly appreciate anyone who would kindly consider such a charitable donation^^

~thank you guys

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Journal History

Since no one seems to know about the story (either too lazy or you don't visit my LFE Homepage). I've decided to post it here instead. There will be weekly/monthly updates only on this journal entry. Keep in mind i'm trying to get every idea out of my mind so the general flow of the descriptions and lore to the story will be arranged in a weird way. It's suppose to include a lot of character's from all the previous nintendo games. Please feel free to speak your mind out or help me out with the story. You're advice and support is very much appreciated!
You may also check out my progress here in this…

~have fun reading my fellow viewer's and watcher's

Characters thus far...
Mario by KaywonnJuto Mario - I'm going to be up front about this and say Mario is in fact NOT the main character. He's not afraid of anything. Mario has a job at a restaurant "Wario's" and cleans the toilets there and occasionally washes the dishes as well.
Luigi by KaywonnJuto Luigi - the younger brother of Mario, has a superior jumping ability but is unable to fight ghosts due to fear. He works at "Wario's" as a waiter and occasionally helps his brother with the bad toilet and the run down sinks.
Toad by KaywonnJuto Toad - Is the Chef at "Wario's" and also surprisingly i made him the The Main Character in this Story. His part in the game is very important throughout the chaos in the story. The restaurant is known for it's unusual ingredients but it puts their customers at ease and leave hefty tips. When he's not working, (thugs refer to him dopy dealer). If you need to get high he's the man with the goods.
Wario by KaywonnJuto Wario - In the beginning of the game he is depicted as the Owner of his restaurant. Working over Toad, Mario, & Luigi...
Waluigi by KaywonnJuto Walugi - Working alongside Wario, he makes up the 2nd boss of the restaurant making sure those three goof-offs are still working.
Bowser v.2 colored by KaywonnJuto Bowser - is depicted as an Evil Ginger-Haired Greedy Guy. He was originally human & was searching for the power to rule the world.
Agent Peach by KaywonnJuto Agent Peach - Is an uptight girl who is (as you might have already guessed) an agent. Her job is to spy on the scientist's work and also make sure no "third parties" get there hands on it (cough* cough* Bowser)
Agent Daisy - Peach's partner in training. She's new to everything and is hesitant about risks.
Toad's Grandpa - The main agent leading his team to stop Bowser from taking over the world. Later in the game he also becomes a Guide, popping up randomly in most cases.
Donkey Kong by KaywonnJuto Donkey Kong - Originally human, tested by a scientist, he fled the lab (with the doctor's tie) and built himself a kingdom in the forest and made his monkey friends thrive under his rule. He has forever detested the human's and never plans on going back home.
Doctor Kraig - A doctor researching and testing on animals and also creating new forms of life. Watch out if there are any dinosaur's running loose out there...
Doctor ??? - still working on it
Agent F - Is depicted as Fawful (hiding his intentions for world domination)

note: Mario & Luigi are usually depicted speaking coherent English sentences. So they will either make sounds/noises or speak their famous catch phrases. Not all character's will look like they're respective selves.

Part 1 of the Story
One day something unusual was happening inside the toilet.
Mario checked inside, something bit him on the nose and he was dragged down
He grabbed the goomba off his nose and tossed it aside, grunting.

He realized he had entered a new world, soaked and stinky he finds a vendor that sold clothes, but he did not accept the currency instead he wanted stars...

Soon, Toad stumbles in, hiding from the boss so he could smoke some weed
He accidentally was careless and dropped all his dope down the toilet.
He tries too reach for it but falls right in, ignoring the scenery @ first he tries to recover the rest of his drugs...he cries out (because they turned into flowers)

He's like "Whut duh fu is this shiii~" & fire is spewed out startling him but is satisfied with the results.
"I guess I'm already high without knowing...sweet" he chuckled

and off he went...

Wario calls out for Mario but he doesn't respond. He then sends out his brother to find out his whereabouts. Luigi hesitates while walking toward the bathroom.
Fearing the rumors about a ghost found lurking in the bathroom
Luigi searches all over the bathroom, calling Mario's name. The Ghost pops out from the door and Luigi is freaked out and dives right into the toilet to hide.

Wario enraged by how long he had been waited calls for Waluigi to go with him in search for both brothers. Wario searches the bathroom.

"Mario hasn't been doing his job properly"
"When i find that little punk I'm going to give him hell for-"

Waluigi comes rushing in, with the ghost following him.
Waluigi trips & knocks over Wario, both stumble into the toilet and are sent to the same place as the brothers and Toad...

And from there on...their Journey begins [/fade out]
(Further Conceptional Ideas installed into the beginning of the game)
Wario & Waluigi Meeting with Bowser [/fade out]
Mario Meeting with a dangerous flower [/fade out]
Luigi stuck in a castle with Ghosts [/fade out]
Toad kneeling down picking up a flower [/fade out]
(insert the name of the game here)

Part 2
King Toadstool is depicted as Toad's Grandpa (secretly a kungfu fighter) In previous versions he's been rather strange, viewed as a numbskull & a fool. This however, is not the case. Toad's grandpa is very wise and helpful half-way throughout the game when Toad is not around.

Toad can't recall his mom or his sister, his parents split up & each one had custody over the other. Since then his dad had been a drinker & died one evening stumbling off a cliff into the waters. Later on, you will
find out that Toad is afraid of water and can not swim. Without this fear he is actually the better character out of the rest. But because of this he will lag behind in the middle of the game. He later comes at the end of the game, over-coming his fear & saves the bro's from further danger.

The reason why his grandpa comes into the picture is because he is on a mission to rescue "the princess" (the daughter of a secret operative >> investigating the whereabouts of the most wanted villain Bowser)

Bowser is depicted as an Evil Ginger-Haired Greedy Guy
He was originally human & was searching for the power to rule the world. He came across a mad scientist & watched him ever so carefully from a far.

The very day when he created the Nether to a new world, Bowser came out from lurking to seize the opportunity. But Peach came out to stop him. The mad scientist was confused, ran away and hid. They both fought fiercely resulting in bowser falling into a chemical pot. Before he knew it power had consumed him and he formed into a new beast and slipped away into the Nether.

Baffled for a moment, she hesitated, grabbed the scientist & chased after Bowser. She could not defeat Bowser on her own and became the victim in the end.

He found her affectionate & decided she would be his bride in this new world after conquering the new world he'd seek his world and make it fall victim to his rule. For the moment the scientist would be locked in a cell for the remaining years. The scientist befriended a goomba & the both became good friends. He made plans to escape his solitary confinement & seek help from the other world & defeat Bowser.

Part 3
Toad goes off into the deep dark jungles and from there on he swings from vine to vine in hopes to get to the Tower before they do. (To carry out his Grandpa's mission). Now of coarse his grandpa aids Mario and Luigi as well as his nephew. Toad in the beginning helps them out half way but is miserably disappointed that he is unable to cross the large sea with Mario and Luigi. So that is when he takes an alternate route into that forest, where he meets some familiar faces. Monkeys!

He fights them easily with his Karate skills, but later on there are too many of them and he ends up losing. They bring them to their leader Donkey Kong.

Later on you find out that Donkey Kong was actually the pet of Dr Aubrey Kraig (2nd scientist aiding the doctor working on the teleportation device)

Dr Kraig wanted to experiment on Donkey Kong with his new unstable formula but Donkey Kong hates shots so runs away from the Doc. and makes a mess in the lab knocking papers and lab equipment on the floor. He some how activated the teleporter and was forced to enter holding onto dear life onto the Professor's Tie. But unfortunately, it snagged off. And he was sucked in and never seen again. However, both scientists worked hard to get the machine working again. And within a matter of months they were able to do so. But during that time frame, Bowser was watching closely.

After the fight with Peach, Daisey (her partner in training) waited patiently for her arrival. It had been several minutes before she decided she was to take matters into her own hands to find her friend Peach. She runs into the room, and looks around, blankly. She picked up an apple from the mess. As soon as she did, she noticed there was a living Dinosaur lurking in the room. She freaks out because Yoshi was charging toward her in an irresistible manner. She falls right into the teleporter along with the hungry green dinosaur following her in. His tail had knocked over one of the machines to the teleporter and all communication had been cut from both worlds.

Ever since agent Peach and Daisy had gone missing, their teams mission was on standby and a new team was to be made a (search-and-go-rescue). The team consisted of Toad's grandpa, Agent F (Fawful), and several ninja's to accompany him.

When they arrive at the lab they meet the other doctor (attempting to fix the broken transporter). Once the machine is up and running a few of the ninja's go through they are quickly overwhelmed by menacing claws and giant tentacles from numerously failed attempts to get the location right. They take a break and agent F goes back to headquarters to retrieve more goons. While they were doing just that, Toad's grandpa stops by the restaurant to meet his grandson. He was distraught to find the business was closed during the day and decided to take a look. The whole place was abandoned. Someone's presence was made known so he hid behind the table. A Ghost had appeared roaming around the restaurant. He followed the ghost into the bathroom, where it went right through the plumbing. Questioning the usage of the toilet, Toad's Grandpa was eager to unscrew, unbolt and even saw down the pipes surrounding the toilet. Light was emitted right out of the pipes. Eager to find out more, he slipped down the pipes and into the new world.

Meanwhile, Toad was face to face with the leader Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong had gotten off his throne (of barrels) and walked around Toad.

"Why have you come here?" he emphasized in a low tone.
"I don't know what you mean..." toad looked up.
"Did you come here to take me back home?"
"Hell no, I jus' came down here because I'm Dopy" he grinned.
DK sat back down again, "No mortal has ever gone through this world without going through some did you manage to get yourself, here?!".

there was silence all around, and out came a loud obnoxious snore.
The monkey's backed away frantically raising their arms and legs around.

"Lewie!" he called out to one of the monkey's. Lewie came out from the group and knocked Toad down to the floor with one fell swoop.
"alright then" he chuckled (resting both arms between his chin)
"what is this Dope you speak of?"
Toad lifted his worn out head up and grinned right back.

"If you let me free, I'll show you first hand..." he shrugged.
DK's eyes narrowly shifted, and pondered for a moment...

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi make their way past several enemies and swam past terrifying sea creatures. They quickly found themselves meeting the large doors of a spooky castle. Inside awaited countless ghosts that frightened Luigi. At this point Luigi is unable to play and just follows mario where ever he goes.

Going back to Bowser, he had found the two uneasy men (Wario and Waluigi) snooping around when they first arrived. He gave them the option of working for him or put them to death. Both men quickly agreed to aid him in his work of plotting world domination. He handed them brooms and ordered them to start sweeping the castle.
They started quickly until he left the room...
"Why'd we hafto leave those sons of bitches?"
"They could've been doing the sweeping for us..." Wario moaned.

Part 4
When you pass all the islands, you meet up with a familiar face. The goomba that bit your nose catches your attention. You cannot kill him even after squishing him he just re-forms. You must follow him to save the doc you enter the last dungeon (near Bowser's Castle). Luigi accidentally gets himself trapped (after you defeat a boss) along with the professor. Mario eventually meets the two of them afterwards. However, there is a lock on the door. The Doc tells you to go bring him a toolbox, a candle, a match, and an apple. (all of that can be found scattered all around the dungeon except for the apple) Apples can be found outside in the bushes. Jumping into bushes will result in

A) getting hurt
B) finding a stash of gold
C) an apple
D) a miscellaneous item
E) or nothing at all

Once you retrieve all the items he needs, he starts building a contraption to break out. Unfortunately, it's a dud and fails to work. Outraged he throws it at the door and they bars simply fall down.

Part 5
so whatever happened to Daisy?
She's stuck alongside her partner peach.
They're both tied up and Bowser decides to perform Polygamy.
"It will be a new world after all so why not make a few changes to hierarchy's rule."
(rhetorical questions Bowser says to both of them)
Here wear these, he tosses the 2 dresses to both of them.

toad convinces DK to come with him to the palace.
all his monkey companions are smoking weed as well.
after they're done they go to palace.
They raid the entire castle with monkeys and knock over a bunch of stuff.
Bowser didn't realize there were more people in his world.
He is completely unprepared for the massive invasion on his property.
He leaves the two girls in the dressing room and goes to fight all of the intruders
Toad and the rest of the gang go and look for the girls in captive.
The door is locked and both peach and Daisy aren't able to break it down.
So they look for clues and stuff they could use.

Peach: Wow, Bowser's crazy to think i'd fall for him if he's thinking to use this.
Daisey: What is it?
Peach: It appears to be some sort of love gun...
Daisey: ...designed to make us fall in love with him
they both laugh
Daisey: yep he's crazy
they continue searching.

Donkey kong breaks down the door.
Both girl's scream, daisy fires the gun on instinct at donkey kong
both of the slowly open their eyes
"Oops!" Daisey muttered

Donkey Kong has fallen in love with her and goes to snatch her up
Peach kicks him in the face and he is knocked down
He gets up outraged and slams her against the wall
Peach screams as he takes her away.
Toad is on the same ile as donkey kong
Nice going DK, now's all we need to do is find that other girl gramps told me about
DK doesn't respond and continues to rush outa the room
toad turns around and calls out "i guess i'll be meeting you outside the palace"
DK busts the walls of the palace without saying a word while daisey screams "Help!"
toad turns around slowly "what a jerk" and continues his search
he suddenly hears wheezing and coughing from the next door down the hall and rushes
he see's her gasping and falls from the wall, her imprint is left on the wall
"princess are you alright?"
punches him in the face and he's knocked down to the floor away from her (lands on his butt)
she rises
My name is Peach I'm a spy working in the fields of Counterintelligence
you and your ape friend aren't going to get in my way, clear?
Toad stood there intimated by her presence.
She storms out of the room and makes her escape.
"Shiiitt..." his heard turned toward the busted door.
He goes and looks for DK and he's no where in site
"Well that's still one to go, where the hell is that harry doofuss?"
"He turns toward the castle, not a single sound echoed from the building"
Things seemed to have gone terribly wrong.
He goes back in and climbs toward the busted entrance to locate peach
as soon as he steps foot around the corner he is punched clear across the face by Bowser
Holy Crap! He glares at the beast.
"Leave and never come back" he looks behind him and see's monkey's trapped along with Peach
clinging onto the bars she yells out "quickly leave! get the hell outa here"
and with that he makes a sprint over to the exit.
as he's running she adds in "Don't forget to rescue Daisey!"

to be continued...

His new goal is to retrieve Daisey and free her friend Peach from Bowser
It's a pretty tough challenge since he has to go up against a couple of his minion monkey's
and then fight him himself while saving the princess.
He finds out the trick is not knock the sense outa him, it's find him a new love
He runs away from him and meets a humongous batch of banana's
the size of a house! (just dangling from the side of a colossus tree)
DK stops the chase and hugs the banana's. His mission was a success.
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